GE Massenez

Distillery Massenez has gained an enormous international reputation for the quality of their liquors, eau-de-vie, and creams since they opened their doors in 1870. Enjoyed in 110 countries across five continents, G.E. Massenez relies on traditional methods of production, ensuring the continued success of their product. Quality and smoothness are the characteristics of Massenez spirits, presented in luxury bottles: a world leader in its field! Best-known for their William Pear liquor (Poire William), each distinctive bottle holds a whole, ripe pear grown inside specifically for this special eau-de-vie.

Today the Massenez products are managed by the fourth generation of the family. They continue to develop Massenez for export and in France through a feminine image, due to the historical importance of the Raspberry Eau-de-Vie. Massenez continues producing traditional products, but reimagined for changing world. The new concept – Miss Massenez – advocates a completely new consumption of Eau-de-Vie, Creams & Liqueurs through cocktails.