G Top 100 Wines 2016 Recognise Fournier & Dubeouf Wines

As part of The Peak Selections: Gourmet & Travel top 100 wines for 2016, Fournier Père et Fils and Les Vins Georges Duboeuf have had two wines each chosen in this select group.  The awards were presented on Thursday the 24th of November at the Sheraton Towers, Singapore.  The wines awarded were:

      FOURNIER Sancerre Les Belles Vignes White 2014

FOURNIER Leon Sauvignon Blanc 2014

GEORGES DUBOEUF Pouilly-Fuissé Prestige 2009
GEORGES DUBOEUF Morgan Jean E Descombes 2013


the-peak-g-top-100-wine-awards_speeches the-peak-g-top-100-wine-awards_ceremony