Massenez Family Wines

Originally from Alsace, in the eastern part of France, Dominique Massenez was born and raised in a family directly related to wine: the G.E. Massenez distrillery, world-renown for its distilled fruit brandies.

In the 90’s, Dominique Massenez decided to diversify the activities of the family and went to become one of the foundational figures of the wine sector in a country little known for wine at the time: Chile.

Indeed, Dominique Massenez created the most famous estate in Chile: Le Chateau Los Boldos. Because of this landmark estate, and the Dominique Massenez touch, Chile has become famous all around the world for the quality and diversity of its wines.

Aware of the potential of the Chilean terroir, Dominique Massenez decided to resurrect one of the oldest vineyards in the Alto Rapel Valley and propel it into the world spotlight. Currently, this 56-Hectare boutique winery represents an outstanding expression of the terroir and produces some of the most exquisite fine wines of Chile.

Marca Massenez Family