Les Vins Georges Duboeuf

Duboeuf and Beaujolais are something of a love story; a story about the happy marriage between the Duboeuf family and the fruits of the Beaujolais soil. For over 50 years, with more than 400 wine growers in the Beaujolais region, Georges Duboeuf has been the Beaujolais region’s most renowned “négociant” and is today regarded in the wine world as the “King of Beaujolais”.

The policy of tradition and quality at Les Vins Georges Duboeuf has met with spectacular success, which can be seen with their Beaujolais, Maconnais, and Rhone Valley wines. Over the years, Georges has developed long-standing relationships with the region’s top growers and winemakers. Georges is involved in every aspect of his enterprise and is known for his passion and his legendary palate.

Today, Les Vins Georges Duboeuf continues to balance tradition and commercial growth, offering exceptional wines from a wide array of regions: from Beaujolais to Pays d’Oc, and Ardeche to Jardin de la France. They produce more than 2.5 million cases of wine a year, including 465,000 cases of Beaujolais Nouveau.

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