Catalina Sounds

Catalina Sound wines are inspired by the graceful, unique flying boats that played a vital role in WW2, the Catalina Plane, and the pristine beauty of Marlborough Sounds, featuring prominently their doorstep.

Attention to detail is key for Catalina Sounds and the wines are crafted by winemaker Peter Jackson.  In the production of their cool climate wines, they attempt at a unique expression of the individuality and purity, also found in the Catalina Planes, which garners them respect wherever they are poured.

Catalina Sounds hears an echo from the past, the most famous war bird of WWII, the Catalina.  The vessels, now a rare sight with only a handful existing in the world, are supported by Catalina Sounds who have chosen to sponsor one of the rare flying boats, which can be seen in the skies over Marlborough and on the grounds at Catalina Sounds.